Terms, Conditions & Privacy

Due to limited space, class places must be booked in advance

  • The Terms and Conditions are currently under review due to the Government restrictions put in place by COVID-19


  • On joining the class/ starting private lessons you will be asked to complete a confidential form with your contact details and information that your instructor requires to ensure that you can practice yoga safely. This information is solely for the use of your instructor and is not shared with any other party.
  • The confidential form is stored securely for as long as you remain a member of the class/ have private lessons but is destroyed as soon as you leave the classes/ stop lessons.
  • Your contact information is stored securely and is password protected if on a device. This information is deleted as soon as you stop lessons.
  • Any notes made during a class/ private lesson are also stored securely or password protected if on a device. This information is stored securely for 7 years, as required by law, and is then destroyed.
  • Individuals have access to any personal information about themselves that I hold.