“As a 30 year old professional man the prospect of yoga was daunting. I can say without hesitation that Lesley made me feel at ease and that, as a desk-bound beginner, not only has her class immeasurably improved my life but I’ve never been made to feel anything but welcome. After a motorcycle crash and a sedentary job I thought I’d never regain my boyhood joy of movement and yet here I am. Forget your prejudices of hippy-dippy new age fads and come to Lesley’s class for her skilled instruction in how to fix the body you lost to the pub!” Sam Pointer

“Yoga allows me to bring my mind and body back into balance. Lesley begins class by drawing attention inwards which allows each student to set a positive intention. Through Lesley’s wisdom of yoga, she encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through a flow of yoga postures. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous.” Elaine Knight

“I love my yoga classes! Lesley is a fantastic teacher, giving very clear instruction and tips always delivered with patience and a cheerful smile.” Lisa

“Yoga has been hugely beneficial for me, improving my general fitness, health and wellbeing and has aided my recovery from a major trauma. Classes with Lesley are relaxed and enjoyable and have vastly improved my appreciation of yoga and understanding of technique and posture. Lesley’s knowledge of yoga and physiology is incomparable – and we also have a bit of fun!” Adam Hamilton

“The class is a bit of “me time” in a busy week. It is relaxing, reflective and also hard work! My posture has improved and after 5 years I think I am more able to achieve the postures and flow. Lesley has been very helpful and understanding about my health issues.” Linda H-C

“Having had hip replacement surgery not only has Lesley provided alternative exercises to help me but she has also built up my confidence and mobility. Wonderful instructor!”

“As well as the physical benefits of improved strength, balance and range of movement, you find you are so busy concentrating on the posture and breathing correctly that daily worries disappear.” Emma

“I have private lessons with Lesley once a week. She is a great teacher as she explains things clearly, tailors the sessions to my needs as well as offering plenty of variety and knowledge of her skill. She has a real positive energy and I would recommend her for both private and group sessions.” Sarah Hooper

“We really enjoy the classes with Lesley. She is lovely and is very helpful. We feel very comfortable in the class. Yoga has made us feel more relaxed and we look forward to coming to the class every week. Everybody is friendly with each other.” Ashvina and Rajwantee

“I have been attending Yoga Vitality for over 3 years now. It has improved my posture, my flexibility and mental well-being. I learn something new every week. The classes are never boring as each week is always different and it gives me something to look forward to.” Jo

“I look forward to my yoga class. Each week we learn something new which all helps me to keep flexible and relaxed. Thank you Lesley.” Carol

“I think that yoga has benefitted my health a lot, especially as a teenager. I have found it has extended my flexibility and strength offering a very good addition to other sports. Yoga is a fun and different way to exercise.” Daisy Wigg

“I love everything about my yoga class – the stretching, neck and back work and learning to balance better. I just want to do more and more of everything” Marion Bain

“Lesley’s Wednesday night class has been a perfect start point for a beginner like me. The class is a brilliant way to unwind both physically and mentally within a very welcoming atmosphere”. Paul Bradshaw, age 46, plasterer

“I am 64 years old and have never done Yoga until 8 months ago. In that time my flexibility and strength have improved and I feel so much fitter. Lesley is a brilliant teacher and helps you to find your level and is always encouraging you to achieve your goals”. Val

“The classes suit all ages, shapes, abilities. Since going to Lesley’s class in a Wednesday evening my flexibility and strength have started to improve. People are all friendly and we can have a good laugh at some of our efforts to replicate the moves that Lesley makes look so easy. I would say come along and give Yoga a try”. L B 15/10/14

“I enjoy the classes which are suitable and adaptable to all levels. Lesley is attentive to all ensuring correct posture. I have noticed improvement in flexibility and reduction in some joint pain too, so very happy.” Jayne

“I have been surprised by how quickly I have gained benefit from regular attendance at the class, which has a warm and friendly atmosphere.”

“I really enjoy the class and look forward to it each week. As well as being fun Yoga Vitality is really helping me, both in body and mind. Joining the class has been very positive for me.”

“Working in London with a stressful job I wanted to learn to cope better with everyday stresses and have some time out for me to just be. Lesley’s classes helped me to be more confident, tone up and meet some lovely people. Her classes are challenging, but fun, and her enthusiasm for her art is contagious, now caught by me!”

“A class which builds strength, with a series of flowing postures, which I find calming. The class has helped me to relax and improve my posture. Oh, and we laugh a lot too!”

“I thoroughly enjoy my weekly yoga class, I never imagined one exercise class could improve flexibility, strengthen, de-stress and relax you. Lesley is an excellent practitioner who adapts and differentiates exercise for individuals when necessary and leads the class in a friendly professional manner. I have no doubt both my health and well-being have improved considerably since joining the class.”
Kim Shead

“I am a new member but have been warmly welcomed by both Lesley and the other members of the group. The class is well structured and caters to all abilities. I feel relaxed and recharged at the end of the sessions. Attending has improved my posture, fitness and general feeling of well-being.”

“Previously any exercise I did involved running or aerobic exercise, but I found as I got older that my ankles were becoming uncomfortable. I thought I would try yoga and I have found Lesley’s class very beneficial both mentally and physically. I have become much more aware of my own posture. The class is very fun, and is tailored to suit individual needs and, to my surprise, provides a really good workout. I leave the class feeling revitalised from top to toe – well nearly!”

“I started Yoga after visiting an Osteopath for back problems. As a complete beginner to Yoga, I find Lesley’s class lots of fun and is suited to all ages and abilities. I really feel the class has made a difference to my back and my general feeling of wellbeing.”

“I had no experience of yoga until I started coming a year ago and now it has become part of my life! It is great exercise, improves my balance and flexibility, releases tension and clears my mind. Lesley is a brilliant instructor, she explains things well, pushes the class to keep learning and improving and makes it fun. I always look forward to my yoga fix!”
S. Shead

“Lesley’s warm and knowledgeable approach is evident from the moment you walk through the door. Having recently got back into Yoga to help with a back injury, Lesley makes sure that all ailments and issues are taken into account, adapts movements when required but pushes you in the right way to ensure you get the most out of the classes. Classes have a relaxed and fun feel to them and have the right mix of postures, sequences and relaxation. I thoroughly recommend Lesley’s yoga classes to anyone thinking about joining, you won’t be disappointed.”