Yoga Sports Coaching

Are you an athlete looking to improve performance, decrease risk of injury, over-come performance nerves?

Based in Dartford, Kent, Lesley Durke provides 1-to-1 sessions endorsed by Yoga Sport Science (YSS) to help athletes, runners and sports men and women remain injury free and achieve their goals.

What is a Yoga Sports Coach™?
Yoga Sports Coaches™ are trained to biomechanically assess an athlete to determine areas of strength and weakness. They also look at the movements, strength/ flexibility requirements and respiratory demands of the athlete’s particular sport so that an individual Yoga programme can be devised that is both athlete and sport-specific.

To create balanced strength and flexibility in the body areas demanded by the sport to a level required by that sport so aiming to help improve any area of the athlete’s performance that is of concern to them; to help decrease the risk of injury or to help return to sport after injury; to improve respiratory efficiency so helping with endurance; to help with any other aspect of the athlete’s performance where Yoga techniques may be relevant, for example performance nerves, confidence building, relaxation.

How it works
The intervention starts with a 1 ½ hour biomechanical assessment of the athlete from which a Foundation Programme can be devised.

The following sessions are 1 hour in length (unless longer sessions are requested). Each session is devised for the individual athlete around areas relevant to their sport as indicated by the biomechanical assessment and discussion.

Homework sheets are also supplied for the athlete to enable them to build the Yoga interventions into their own training schedule.

If appropriate, the Yoga Sports Coach™ is happy to be part of the athlete’s team and work alongside and in accordance with other members of that team – coach, physiotherapist, etc.

Initially, sessions should be held frequently – weekly or fortnightly is recommended. Once the athlete has become more familiar and adept at the techniques, the frequency may be reduced. Remote coaching can also be offered, for example by Skype, if appropriate.

£60 for the Biomechanical Assessment

£50 for each 1 hour, 1-to-1 teaching session including the production of homework sheet for the athlete to use within their own training. Should the athlete wish to increase the length of the session an additional fee of £10 per 15 minutes will be payable.

Alternatively small groups of athletes or teams can be catered for. Please contact me for advice.

If a room has been hired for the session, a cancellation fee of £15 will apply at all times. If no room has been hired for the session and the athlete cancels, no cancellation fee would be due as long as the session is re-scheduled. If the session is not re-scheduled then a cancellation fee of £10 will be payable.

About Yoga Sport Science ® (YSS)
Yoga Sports Science ® is the only Organisation to train and accredit Yoga Sports Coaches™ . It was developed by Hayley Winter and based on over a decade of experience working with athletes from many sports, including Premiership Football. YSS is the only Yoga Sports Organisation worldwide to be actively conducting research into the application of Yoga to sport. YSS is approved in the USA by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Students on the Course are supported by a team of experts in their field and include Leon Taylor (British Olympic Silver Medallist in diving) and Tim Newenham (formerly British National Javelin Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach for tennis star Tim Henman and Programme Manager for the British Olympic Shooting Team). Find out more at

“Having never done yoga before and lacking a lot of flexibility that hindered me in my athletics, Lesley offered exactly what I needed. Lesley is a truly brilliant teacher, catering for all my specific requirements. Her teaching style is fantastic, only amplified by her own knowledge, kindness and care.”
Sonny – junior javelin thrower competing at National Schools level

“After many sports related injuries resulting in trips to a Physio or Osteopath, to have Lesley review my aging body holistically and put together a programme to address those issues that have built up over time has put me back on the path to carry on participating in the sports I love. I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone struggling with injuries at any level to get a full understanding of those areas and how to address them.”
Ges – cyclist, runner and swimmer